Staff Picks - Our Favorite Fall Scents

Staff Picks - Our Favorite Fall Scents

Nothing embodies the Fall and Holiday season more than a festive candle. It cozies up any home with the strike of a match! We asked each of our staff members which TRH Candle is their favorite to enjoy during the cold months ahead. 

Emily Warr - Co-Founder of The Rustic House

Emily’s favorite TRH Scent during the fall is the classic Holiday Spice. Cinnamon, Clove and Nutmeg notes combine to create this warm, spicy candle. It brings back memories of celebrating Thanksgiving with her family as a child. There is nothing more comforting than a cozy candle that brings back fond memories. 

Chelsea Cash - Co-Founder of The Rustic House

Even in the cold months, Chelsea likes for her favorite candle to remind her of warmer seasons--so she lights Teakwoood. This woodsy scent has Caribbean teak and sandalwood notes, making it both a breezy and cozy scent. 

Lyndi Locke - Marketing & Sales 

Lyndi thought of the nifty idea to burn two of her favorite TRH candles together to create a custom scent. Her favorite combination is Balsam Fir and Cranberry + Spice. Sweet, juicy cranberries combine with the piney earthiness of Balsam Fir to create the ultimate Christmas combo. A hint of spice just ties the scents together. Two IS better than one...

Dani Cafferty - Production 

Dani’s favorite seasonal candle is Farmhouse Cider. Drinking fresh apple cider is the epitome of the fall season for Dani; it reminds her of being with family and enjoying the change of seasons. Farmhouse Cider is the perfect balance of fresh apples and spice. 

Taylor Needels - Shipping

While sweet scents aren’t always Taylor’s favorite, he loves the subtle sweetness of Orange Peel + Cinnamon. Citrus and clove notes blend together to make this lightly sweet and spicy candle. 

Treston Tanner - Marketing & Sales

Don’t be fooled if you walk in Treston’s apartment and smell the sweetness of berry pie; it is just his favorite TRH scent, Woods + Berries. This candle has bright cranberry notes mixed with warm musk. It is a sophisticated, homey fragrance that Treston enjoys year-round. 

Gage Anthony - Production

As a candle maker, Gage spends so much of his time pouring all of the TRH Scents. Out of the entire line, Evergreen + Embers is his absolute favorite. He says it smells just like Christmas. We often say that Evergreen + Embers is a spicy version of our Balsam Fir candle. It has the same piney scent, but with a hint of smoke and sweet, clove-y warmth. 

Lisa Brown - Operations Manager

Bourbon + Brown Sugar may be brand new to TRH, but it has already become Lisa’s favorite scent. She finds it reminiscent of cuddling up under a down blanket on a cold winter evening with a good book. This candle has bourbon notes, as well as vanilla and an unexpected hint of orchid. It makes a statement while still being soft and cozy.

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