We LOVE Candles! But why?

We LOVE Candles! But why?
We know everyone loves them, but we thought we'd take a moment to explore why we love them so much...
They bring us relaxation. 
Perhaps the most important reason... because we're all struggling to find balance in a stress filled world.
They have aromatherapy benefits.
Some scents may keep you calm while others may energize you. Some aid in productivity while others improve memory.
They make great gifts. 
Candles are perfect for men or women, teachers or co-workers, and especially for that last minute gift you forgot to buy.
They evoke emotions and create mood.
Familiar scents trigger past memories, even more than images. Scent, emotion and memory are inexplicably intertwined.
They add a finishing touch to home decor. Candles turn a bathroom into a spa-like retreat while adding a sensual touch to the bedroom or a homey feel to the den. 
Candlelight creates a magical ambiance.
The flame of a candle is a much better alternative to the blue light of a smartphone. It helps quiet the mind and rest the eyes.

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