Since The Rustic House was established six years ago, we have strived to make a perfectly scented candle that is made with a lot of love and care! So, what else goes into each candle?

THE WAX // Each TRH candle is made with sustainable, American-raised soy wax. Since it does not contain additives or dyes, the wax is able to burn cleanly and emit a large and even scent throw. You will be able to smell our candles throughout a room instead of in a small area. 


THE WICK // Each wick is made of 100% braided cotton--nothing else! No need to worry about lead or other sketchy ingredients being released into the air. Also, the wick will not taint walls or delicate fabrics. Just make sure you trim the wick after each burn to ensure the longevity of your candle. 

THE FRAGRANCE // We have worked closely with chemists over the years to create a scent line that is unique to TRH. Not only do we take pride in the scents we carry; we also care deeply about quality. Each candle is scented with cosmetic-grade fragrances and oils. Each scent burns cleanly and evenly without being cloying. Even those who are sensitive to scent are able to enjoy TRH candles without getting a headache. 

THE CONTAINER // Each TRH candle is housed in a crisp, white container with a wooden lid. Why white? Just because you like lavender doesn’t mean you want a purple candle! Our white containers are double-painted to appear chic and clean. The scents are able to speak for themselves, instead of blending in with surroundings. The wooden lid is also functional; you can use it to snuff out the flame once you are finished enjoying the candle.