Frequently asked questions

The Rustic House candles are made with sustainable, American-raised soy wax. We also use cosmetic-grade fragrances and oils, which is ideal for people who are sensitive to fragrance. Since our candles burn so cleanly and are additive-free, they have a large and even scent throw. In other words, you will be able to smell our candles throughout a room instead of just a small area. 

It is super important to trim your wick to ÂĽ inch after each burn. If the wick is too long, the candle will burn too hot and quickly, wasting the wax. Plus, a long wick equals a long flame, which creates soot while the candle is burning.

Trimming the wick after each burn will keep your candle burning efficiently, and our white candle container crisp and bright. Since our candles burn so cleanly, they don’t have preservatives to prevent ashiness that may form on the container. A short wick will do the trick. 

In addition to glass candles, we offer wax melts and reed diffusers! They are both safe and flame-free ways to enjoy home fragrance.

Send us a quick email at explaining your event/situation. We are happy to discuss pricing!

Check out this list of stores that carry The Rustic House in your area. 

Chattanooga locals can return canoes or rounds to us for refills.  Otherwise please visit our Wood Decor Refill page, send the used container to us in the mail and we are happy to refill. We will be in touch via email!