Recycling Program

Did you know that The Rustic House started in a small one car garage right here in Chattanooga, TN. Emily used recycled candle containers and took them to the Chattanooga Market on Sundays to sell. 

Recycling and sustainability have always been a crucial part of The Rustic House. 

When our local customers bring back our TRH containers, we recycle them and offer a $2 off credit for each of our 8oz glass container, and $1 off credit for each of our travel tin containers. 

You can either bring them to us at the Chattanooga Market or our warehouse location. We even have an after hours drop box. 

Keep an eye out on our Instagram and Facebook pages, to see which markets we will be attending and where. 

Want to place your order before dropping off your recycling? Let us know so that we can credit your order when you come to pickup.