Wholesaler Intro

Welcome to The Rustic House

A true passion project that began in a garage in Tennessee. All products are a hand poured luxury soy blend with a large scent throw that is long lasting and dye and additive free. Our focus on clean design and premium ingredients is what keeps our customers coming back for more.

Below is a quick introduction to our Wholesale Product Line. Interested in joining The Rustic House family?



Our first and most popular candle is made with a luxury soy blend that is clean, soft and highly scented from the first to last light. Available in over 20 scents in our “Signature Collection” and Seasonal Collections.

When you are finished enjoying the Candle, simply snuff it out with the wooden lid. The sturdy glass container is also great for repurposing, so feel free to get creative. 


Glass Candle | Case Packs of 4 | Glass + Wood Lid + Gift Box | Net Weight: 8.00 oz. | Burn Time: 40-50 hrs | MSRP: $26.00

Soy Candle | Vegan | 100% Cotton Wick | Fragrance + Essential Oils | 100% Recyclable | Large Scent Throw | No Dyes or Additives | Phthalate Free | Paraben Free


Our small candle makes a great grab and go gift item for under $15, and is a perfect way to enjoy your favorite scent on the go. These are the perfect size for smaller rooms, but are powerful enough for bigger ones too.

The silver travel tin with its snug fitting slip on lid also makes a handy storage container after its life as a candle. Available in over 20 scents in our “Signature Collection” and Seasonal Collections.

Travel Tin | Metal + Lid | Case Packs of 4 | Net Weight:
4.0 oz. | Burn Time: 20-25 hrs. | MSRP: $14.00


Wax melts are a safe flame-free option that use a candle warmer to activate the scent. We recommend starting with one wax melt, then building your way up to a desired scent strength. 

One cube has a large scent throw and will continue smelling great up to 48 hours. Available in over 20 scents in our “Signature Collection” and Seasonal Collections.


Wax Melts | 6 Pieces | Case Packs of 4 | Net Weight: 2.45 oz. | Burn Time: up to 48 hrs per cube | MSRP: $7.00


Discover what the power of scent can do for YOUR BRAND. Our brandless and private label candle services offers total flexibility.

Brandless candles include a custom warning label on the bottom of the candle that includes your store name and website as well a blank gift box that you can label yourself. 

Private Label candles include custom warning labels, custom box labels and custom candle labels. Send us your logo, fonts and info, and we'll provide a finished product back to you that is shelf ready.

Available in;

 - 8.0 oz. Glass Candles

 - 4.0 oz. Travel Tins

 - 2.45 oz. Wax Melts

 - choose from more than 30 scents