White Tea + Ginger
White Tea + Ginger
White Tea + Ginger
White Tea + Ginger
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White Tea + Ginger


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    White Tea + Peony + Ginger

    Clean and lightly floral, white tea and peony notes combine to create this timeless scent. Ginger adds a hint of spiciness. White Tea + Ginger is a delicately scented candle that is suitable for any season.

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    Glass Candle | Glass + Wood Lid | Net Weight: 8.00 oz. Burn Time: 40-50 hrs.
    Our Glass Candle is a full-sized 8 oz glass with a 50-hour burn time. The soy wax is housed in a white container that matches with virtually any decor. When you are finished enjoying your Candle, simply snuff it out with the wooden lid. The sturdy glass container is also great for repurposing, so feel free to get creative.

    Mini Candle | Metal + Wood Lid | Net Weight: 3.30 oz. Burn Time: 20-25 hrs.
    Our Mini Candle has the same simple elegance as our 8 oz size, just in a handy 4 oz tin! Your favorite TRH scent can travel with you wherever you go. Enjoy a 25-hour burn time. These are ideal for a quick, practical gift as well.

    Wax Melts | 6 Pieces | Net Weight: 2.45 oz. Burn Time: 48 hrs. per piece
    Our Wax Melts are a safe and innovative way to enjoy your favorite TRH scent. Since the melts are flame-free, you have to use a candle warmer to activate the scent. We recommend starting with one wax melt, then building your way up to a desired scent strength. Each scent is concentrated, so one wax melt has a large scent throw and burns for 48 hours each.



    Happiness Guarantee

    At The Rustic House, if you’re happy, we’re happy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us so we can make you happy again. If candles are damaged during transit, we will gladly replace them for free.
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