Into the Woods

Into the Woods

Whether they’re woodsy, grassy, mossy, or piney, earth scents are some of our favorites. Maybe it’s cooler weather or leaves turning that is making us want to explore or maybe it's a desire to peel our noses away from our phones and connect to the great outdoors.

At The Rustic House, we favor scents that smell like real life. We also love scents that remind us of happy times. In this case, memories of climbing a tree as a kid, balancing on a fallen log or a trip to a tree farm to choose the perfect holiday tree.

Earthy scents can also feel like an escape. They let us dream about going off the grid, even though we continue to show up at work every day.

Here's our favorite woodsy scents. Now go hug a tree. 🌲 😉 🌲

Woods + Berries is a blend of Tart Cranberry and Citrus create the base notes of this woodsy scent while a subtle Musk undertone nicely contrasts the citrusy notes. Equally bright and warm, this candle instantly cozies up any space.

Evergreen + Embers is like the spicy sister of our Balsam Fir scent! Firewood and Citrus notes blend into a woodsy yet bright fragrance. A Musk undertone gives this candle a warm kick.

Oak + Moss, this candle scent showcases the complexity of nature. Lavender, Orange, and Sage notes provide a fresh, earthy base, while Oakmoss and Amber add depth and warmth. 

Balsam Fir is made of, well, Balsam Fir and pine needle notes create this crisp and clean candle scent. A Vanilla edge adds a hint of sweetness. Balsam Fir is that classic Evergreen scent you've been missing in your life.

And of course these scents are also available in Travel Tins and Wax Melts too!

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