Why White?

Why White?

It’s no secret that candles are sold just about everywhere: big box stores, discount stores, boutiques...you name it.They come in an array of colors, scents and packaging. It is so easy to buy any standard candle.

So what makes The Rustic House candles special?

These candles may look simple, but a lot of time and thought are put into each product--starting with packaging. Although The Rustic House initially packaged their candles in a clear glass container, they felt it was too plain and could get lost amid decor—so they switched to a vibrant white jar.

“People love the simplicity of white,” says Co-Founder Emily Warr. “It represents purity and simplicity, just like our candles.”

Some traditional candles on the market these days contain dyes that match their scent. However, Warr decided not to follow the trend.

“Just because people love lavender doesn’t mean they want a purple candle in their home,” she says. “Since our candles are white, it allows the scent to speak for itself and fit with virtually any decor.”

Warr and her business partner Chelsea Cash also put a lot of thought into the candle formula. Both Warr and Cash tested out many wax combinations before deciding on a dye-free soy blend.

“Soy wax is a much more environmentally conscious than palm wax,” says Warr. “Plus, soy wax is sustainable and supports American farmers.”

The wick of a candle may seem standard and mundane, but selecting the right one was crucial to The Rustic House.

“In the past, wicks were made of lead, which is a toxic substance.” says Warr. “We use one hundred percent cotton. Not only does it burn well with our natural candles, but cotton is sustainable and safe.”

The branding and products of The Rustic House may seem plain and simple, yet it is anything but that.

“Every time I’m pouring a candle, I know that I’m making a quality product,” says Warr. “The candles are really pure and smell like something true, not just a bunch of synthetics.”

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